Forex trading is an activity that has been around for many years yet is unknown or misunderstood by many.

Those that do know what Forex trading is all about usually come to love the excitement trading can bring and several of these people go on to devote their whole lives to the skill.

It could be said that regardless of whether you have even heard of Forex trading before, the chances are you have already done it in one form or another without actually realizing it.

If you have ever been to a foreign country before and had to exchange currencies at your local bank then you have already taken part in Forex albeit in a far less profitable, less exciting and less lucrative way.

The term Forex is derived from the words 'Foreign' and 'Exchange' and quite simple means to take part in trades involving the exchange of one countries currency with another. Other terms often used to refer to Forex include 'Spot FX' or simply 'FX'.

Of course there are some major differences and benefits from trading Forex online through established brokers over simple currency exchange for your holiday, yet the core principles are the same.

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Currency rates are forever fluctuating depending on supply and demand and economic and political influences in countries all over the world. The aim of any Forex trader is to spot which currency will next rise or fall in value against another currency.

Since profit can be made from both increases and decreases in a currency it means the Forex market is extremely appealing and potentially very lucrative for anyone willing to give it a go.

You can think of Forex as the currency equivalent of stocks and shares although it should also be noted that Forex has many big advantages over stock trading.

As mentioned money can be made no matter whether a currency rises or falls, Forex is traded with a leverage which means if you trade with say $100 you do not get $100 of currency, you will get many times more than this perhaps as much as $40,000.

This does not mean you physically have $40,000 for a $100 deposit but rather that you can earn a percentage of that $40,000 if the currency fluctuates in your preferred direction.

This is useful because in Forex currency trading fluctuations are often merely fractions of a cent. With a high leverage you are able to profit much more substantially from these small fluctuations than you would if you had no leverage and only a small amount to trade.

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Therefore, the leverage means that even with only small amounts of money you can still quickly earn big profits from trading Forex online!

This is not a luxury that any other form of trading can usually offer. What's more you can now open mini Forex accounts online with less than $100 leaving Forex trading open for anyone to take part.

Despite the fact that stocks and shares is more commonly known and understood than Forex currency trading, the Forex market remains the worlds largest trading market with more than 1.8 Trillion dollars trading hands on a daily basis.

It is the fantastic benefits and earning potential of Forex that makes it such an attractive proposition to both individuals and major corporations.

It is no secret that multinational banks have been trading the Forex market for years, many rely on it for a substantial income stream that allows them to be much more competitive in the key areas of their business.

In summary then, Forex trading is all about trading currencies and benefiting from fluctuations in exchange rates. It is surprisingly easy to learn Forex trading and begin making profits, however, we must stress that before rushing to deposit money and start trading you should ensure you fully understand the market.


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